The number one myth about men and women in bed

Published September 13, 2022 tag category
The number one myth about men and women in bed

How to Give Her an Ejaculation Orgasm and Have Her Come Back for More Squirting Orgasms

The squirting orgasm is always one of the most fun orgasms to play with once you have mastered ‘basic’ orgasms. Giving a woman a squirting orgasm (Also known as a female ejaculation orgasm) shows her that you are more than just the standard lover, but are a great lover. It also lets her know that her pleasure is important to you and this increases your attractiveness in her eyes.

Tips for Keeping Sex Hot: How to Make Sex More Exciting and Erotic No Matter How Long You Are Dating

By now most of us probably know that women love surprises. Whenever something unexpected and exciting happens, she usually feels more strongly about you than other times. For the guys that are dating these women, understanding that they love emotion and giving your girlfriend an emotional charge in the bedroom is the key to keeping sex hot and making her want you.

How to Control a Girl’s Mind – And Get Her to Fantasize About Having Sex With You!

Knowing how to control a girl’s mind – and get her to fantasize about having nasty sex with you. Getting into a woman’s mind is a very hard thing to do. But once you get into it, you could play around with it and make her do anything you would want her to do.

Fixing Your Sex-Life: How to Start

Marriage does not necessarily kill sex life. However, most studies find that the frequency of marital sex declines sharply during the first year of marriage, and continues to decline. A sexless marriage is more likely to end in divorce.

Getting Comfortable For Phone Sex

Phone sex can be a bit so getting comfortable for the experience is important. Learn how to put your feet up for phone sex.

How to Increase Penis Length and Girth To Please Any Woman In Bed

Natural male enhancement isn’t just about increasing your length. About an equal amount of men are interested in thickening their penis. Luckily there are xxx number of treatments that address both challenges.

Tantra – The Path Of Sacred Sexuality

In tantra practice, sex is – under the correct circumstances of worshipfulness – a sacred, divine act. This could not be further from the repressive beliefs about sex in Western society… beliefs which are surprisingly becoming even more restrictive and convoluted in the 21st century. In comparison, Tantra is a revolutionary, liberating and unrepressed belief system which is as old as history itself. Not only sex, but all temporal pleasures become divine when viewed from a spiritual angle.